New Portable Clothes Dryer. 6 places to use

portable mini dryer Traveclo

Portable clothes dryer — a light and compact device, indispensable in everyday life and on the road. Quickly and without harm to the fabric, it will remove moisture from underwear, children’s clothes, towels, socks, bathing suits and other small items of clothing.

Portable clothes dryer

How the mini clothes dryer works

The portable dryer is equipped with a 1500-1800 V motor. By rotating, it creates a uniform airflow of up to 90 °C, which quickly evaporates the water. The temperature is controlled by a built-in sensor.

How to turn on the dryer

Portable clothes dryer
It takes less than a minute to prepare the dryer for operation:
1. Turn the latch and open the valve.
2. Gently pull out the drying chamber made of synthetic material.
3. Put the wet clothes into the chamber through the slot in the material.
4. Press the button at the top of the machine to start the motor.
5. Hang the dryer using the loop at the top of the unit.

Attention! The maximum load of the portable dryer should not exceed 1300 g.

The dryer operates in 2 modes with automatic shutdown after 3 or 6 hours.
Control is carried out with just one button, color indicators will help you select the desired option. To re-use the device, press the power button again.

portable clothes dryer Travelco

Reliability of the portable dryer

The body of the drying chamber is held by a titanium wire. It is resistant to mechanical loads, does not deform and does not break.

As the material of the chamber, a special fabric is used that does not allow water to pass through. Wet laundry will not drip during the drying process.

The outer shell is made of impact-resistant PVC.

Compact size of the device

Thanks to its small size of 7. 9×14. 6 cm, the folding dryer does not take up much storage space. It will fit compactly in a dresser or on a shelf in a closet, will fit in a travel bag or backpack — at the same time you will not have to make compromises in the choice of things for travel.

Portable clothes dryer

Inconvenience? No!

In the unfolded form, the device will not cause inconvenience even in the most cramped space, since it works in an upright position.

Where to use the portable dryer

The portable clothes dryer is suitable for use in all types of rooms, including poorly ventilated ones, where drying clothes in the traditional way is difficult:
● Student dorm rooms;
● Hotel rooms;
● small-sized apartments;
● Changing rooms for sports clubs and swimming pools;
● Utility rooms;
● Mobile homes.

portable mini dryer Traveclo

The low-noise motor will not cause discomfort either day or night during sleep.

A convenient solution to everyday problems

Save money on laundry services during vacations and business trips. Simply wash small items of clothing by hand and then place them in a portable clothes dryer. In a few hours, your things will be dry. It is easy to maintain hygiene and look neat in any situation.

Living in small rooms requires the skill of organizing the space. Unlike hanging laundry after washing, a small dryer does not take up much space and does not restrict movement. The moisture in the portable clothes dryerevaporates faster, so it is always nice to breathe in the apartment.

Small children are very restless. Clothing for walking and noisy games gets dirty faster than it has time to dry after washing. A miniature dryer will be a help for the ever-busy mother.


The dryer has an additional function of sterilization. Constantly circulating hot air kills disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

portable clothes dryer Travelco


The following options are responsible for the safe operation of the Portable clothes dryer:
● Automatic shutdown. The appliance will switch itself off after the drying cycle is complete.
● Temperature sensor. Automation prevents the air from overheating inside the drying chamber. The laundry will not be damaged as a result of exposure to high temperatures.
● Surge protection. The dryer will turn off if there is a problem with the power supply.

Portable mini dryer Traveclo


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